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i'm miraclemodus

Jul 23 '14



even though Angel Beats destroyed me it’s still the goddamn funniest anime


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Jul 23 '14




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Jul 23 '14

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Jul 23 '14


hannibal is a game of cat and mouse between a person incapable of ever truly having a gf & a person who knows every feel

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Jul 23 '14

evening well spent


evening well spent

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Jul 23 '14

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Jul 23 '14

cryocumu1us asked:

yorozuya gin-chan go to the mall (and how everything goes horribly awry) (any and all character cameos welcome) (I'M SO GLAD)

i swear to you i am writing this but it has become so much longer than i expected it is taking me forever

but here is a teaser:

"Do you know that look teenagers get when an adult asks them a stupid question? That kind of "ugh" look? Neither of them give me that look, because they adore me. They’re sneering about something else, I’m sure. Maybe they ate something sour? A lemon? That’s probably it."

Tags: ask cryocumu1us yorozuya gin-chan yorozuya gin-chan go to the mall i s2g it is happening but i've written 800 words and nobody's even mentioned going to the mall but it's happening gintama

Jul 23 '14

しろくま ぎんとき
Pixiv ID: 44669930Member: Nila


しろくま ぎんとき
Pixiv ID: 44669930
Member: Nila

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Jul 23 '14

the best line in all of naruto 


the best line in all of naruto 

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Jul 22 '14


an animorphs book cover in which gintoki transforms into kakashi and darui is the transitional stage 

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Jul 22 '14


Cool poses guys.

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Jul 22 '14

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Jul 21 '14


heres the thing: i really, honestly think that if youre an adult and youre going to inform a child that their opinion on something is harmful on tumblr

there is literally no excuse for doing it in the form of a reblog. message them privately if you absolutely feel that it is necessary for you to engage them and that you can conduct yourself in an appropriate and gentle way

i dont think its appropriate to publicly correct a young teenager or pre-teen, especially one who you do not have any kind of a relationship with, especially in a way that shames them and exposes their mistakes to a wider adult audience

like this is honestly the minimum expectation and i thought expecting adults not to gang up on teenagers was setting the bar pretty low but you guys keep doing it over and over again

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Jul 20 '14



i just ate like four handfuls of cashews

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Jul 20 '14

asadcandle asked:

u asked for shitty book club ship so DO IT

in case you didn’t know “shitty book club” is the new hit single by hatake kakashi (feat. sakata gintoki)

when I started shipping it if I did:

here look at this tag and in particular this spectacular (nsfw) image. sear it into your brain. it is very important.

my thoughts:

right after gintoki moves to konoha, sakamoto visits and assumes kakashi is gin. “ahahaha haha, you can’t fool me! i’d recognize that hair anywhere, kintoki! love the mask, it’s a good look for you!” kakashi thinks “man. who is this dude. it’s like gai started an import-export business.”

he just rolls with it and sakamoto trails after him while he’s doing errands, and they run into gintoki in the “shitty book” section of the mini-mart. kakashi says “oh, you must be kintoki. i think this belongs to you.” and passes sakamoto off. as kakashi walks away gin grabs sakamoto’s arm and whispers “i am going to fuck that.”

they keep running into each other and eventually start to spend time together talking about books and the struggles of being a single parent to terrible teenaged monsters and how difficult it is to maintain white hair without it getting kind of a yellowish tinge because konoha has hard water that leaves mineral deposits that are really tough to rinse out

one night it’s late and they’re at kakashi’s place and gin very romantically kicks him in the ankle and says “uh, you want to fool around?” kakashi spends the rest of his life feeling bemused and slightly put-out because he never wanted this. he was perfectly happy not dating anyone and now his life is a hell of strawberry milk and unmade beds and a samurai who screams like a child because “holy shit, your feet are like ice, get away from me you monster” he doesn’t even like sweet things

"GUESS WHO JUST BANGED THE COPY NINJA" is so beautiful and such a good summation of their relationship. gai texts "CONGRATULATIONS" to kakashi. he has never been prouder. 

What makes me happy about them:

the idea of them trying to sleep together in kakashi’s twin-size bed gladdens my heart

What makes me sad about them:

i’ve got the “they are in different universes” blues. also a serious dearth of fanfic.

things done in fanfic that annoys me:

i am currently writing some and i hate almost everything i write so basically everything in all the fanfic i’ve read is obnoxious and intolerable

things I look for in fanfic:


Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

gintoki could probably live happily ever after having very infrequent flings with sakamoto, and i have honestly never shipped kakashi with anyone ever before

My happily ever after for them:

they live above otose’s snack bar and kagura calls kakashi “grandpa” because he’s so old, gin-chan, honestly, and shinpachi gets incredibly jealous when kakashi starts cleaning up after gin. gin has to have a talk with kakashi. “let him mop the floor, it makes him feel good.” on occasion kakashi convinces gin to eat a vegetable. kakashi’s many empty bookshelves finally get filled up with comic books.

who is the big spoon/little spoon:

gintoki is a very restless sleeper and generally kakashi sleeps very still and quiet, lying on his back very neatly. they usually start off on opposite sides of the bed but eventually gin is kind of sprawled over kakashi, being sweaty and too warm and drooling everywhere.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

gin likes to bug kakashi and harass him when he’s trying to concentrate and kakashi likes to ignore gin when he’s being obnoxious. they like to walk their dogs. sadaharu and pakkun are good friends.

3 notes Tags: shitty book club they're both so gross imagine how bad that mask smells at the end of the day kakashi likes to act like gin's gross and awful but in reality he has really dirty feet from wearing sandals all the time and his headband is always sweaty they're made for each other i swear to god unsanitary // that naruto shit gintama the new hotness asadcandle ask